Get Smart Before You Get Sexy

Get Smart B4U Get Sexy is a comprehensive sex education program that provides prevention and intervention resources for youth and young adults (ages 12-30) particularly those who are African American, Black, female, in foster care systems, and/or at high risk for sexually transmitted infections.

Young African American Women becoming knowledgable about safe sex

Get Smart B4 U Get Sexy focuses on:

  • Helping Black youth to think critically about the influences to their reproductive life plans, including though not limited to media, religion, culture, peers and parents.
  • Tools that support informed decisions, clarity, analysis, and negotiation are offered to program participants for use and sharing.
  • Using reproductive justice principles as a foundation for our work.
  • Developing on the impacts of hyper-sexualization, rape culture, gendered and state violence on the reproductive health status of African American & Black communities.
  • Empowering Black youth with information, knowledge and tools to recognize and avoid behaviors that increase risk and exposure to sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS.

Programs and Training

Get Smart B4 U Get Sexy partners various community based organizations, public health agencies and academic institutions to implement program goals and objectives; eliminate reproductive health disparities facing Black youth and young adults. Our strategies include training youth as peer educators, organizing programs, youth forums and conferences as well as developing social media campaigns and curricula with supporting materials for wide distribution. Find out more.