By Monica Groves

The media is permeated with images of Black female promiscuity, ass, ass, ass, being objectified by men, and violence.

The overriding message is to devalue black womanhood…and more ass. There are times when Black women in America are lost. There are times when Black women in America don’t know who they are, so how do we redraw the lines and claim our sexuality?

Get to know your body. Self-Exploration is key in getting to know what you like. Society has programmed women to think that sex is for the pleasure of the man, but with self-love and a renewed focus on your pleasure sex can be about both of you.

Openly communicate with your partner. Your partner won’t know what you like if you don’t tell them. To make the experience better for both of you have a conversation about your likes, dislikes, fantasies, and limits, etc.

Know your history. There’s often inaction due to fear. To combat fear, read the story and history of Black women by Black women. In addition, take a look at the images and messages about Black female sexuality that are prevalent today. Having a better understanding of your past and present and differentiating the Black woman’s truth from society’s dominating harmful imagery that is not created by Black women for Black women allows you to clear your mind and be in command of your sexual future for yourself.

Talk to your Doctor. If you have any sexual or reproductive concerns talk to your doctor. Any issues can be treated and your fears squashed by getting answers from a medical professional. They can also help you create the best reproductive health plan for your lifestyle.

Have standards. Don’t go looking for love in all the wrong places. Claiming your sexuality doesn’t mean humping indiscriminately. Be free, but be smart. Know that you are sacred and recognize the power of your vagina.