Scabies is a condition of very itchy skin caused by little, tiny mites that embed themselves into the skin of both humans and animals.

Street Name: Itch mite, lice, nasties

How you get it: Scabies is spread through sexual contact or by sharing materials, such as towels, bed sheets, clothes or anything that comes into contact with the person with scabies.

Symptoms: Severe itching with small blisters or sores that worsen at night. In some cases the mites may burrow tracks that trace through the skin.

Treatment/ Relief: Scabies will NOT go away on its own. A doctor must prescribe a cream or, in severe cases, a pill to stop the itching and get rid of the bugs.  All clothes and upholstery that the infected person came in contact with must be cleaned and washed to prevent are infection.

What should you know:

Scabies adult mites are located in the skin.  Anyone can have scabies although younger people, especially children, are at higher risk of getting scabies.

How does this impact pregnancy?

Scabies can cause a lot of discomfort during pregnancy. Studies have shown that medication used to cure scabies can harm the infant.