Public lice are tiny insects that attach themselves to the skin and hair in the pubic area.

Street Name: Crabs

How you get it: You can get pubic lice through sexual activity with an infected person and by sharing personal items (towels, bedding, clothes) that have been infected with pubic lice.

Symptoms: Severe itching in the region covered by pubic hair. Itching does not start until 5 to 14 days after infection.

Treatment/ Relief: Public lice will not go away on its own. A doctor must prescribe a medication known as Eliminate or Kwell. This medication is like shampoo that you use to wash your pubic area and any other infected areas. All clothes and upholstery that the infected person came in contact with should be cleaned and washed to prevent from reinfection.

What should you know:

Shaving your pubic hair will NOT get rid of crabs.

How does this impact pregnancy?

Crabs do not seriously affect pregnancy. Some treatments can harm the fetus. In some cases, treatment might need to stop until delivery.