Now that you have your results, what happens next?

Diagram of how to stay healthy after contracting an STI

If you do test positive for an STI or STD, take a deep breath, relax – Everything is OK!
In fact, your journey to health has just begun!

Step 1

Get Tested

Step 2

If you test positive, you will be contacted by a health professional.  They will want you to come in and get medical treatment for your STI or STD.

Step 3

Although it will be difficult, you have to contact all of your previous sexual partners and notify them of your status.  It’s the responsible and healthy thing to do.

Step 4

Follow the medical instructions carefully to treat your STI / STD and make sure to take your medication!  The only way to effectively cure or treat an STI / STD is through proper medication.

Step 5

Once your STI / STD has been cured or treated, you will be able to have sex again. If and when you do, you must inform your partner of your status and make sure to use male or female condoms every time you have sex.

Step 6

Get an STI / STD test every 3 to 6 months.  If you are an illicit drug user, you will want to get tested more often

Step 7

Stay healthy!  Eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly to keep your immune system strong. This will help you reduce outbreaks and keep a positive, productive state of mind.