Here is a very inexpensive option. However, it is best to combine with other birth control options for super, duper, über protection! Spermicide come as creams, films, foams, gel and suppositories placed in the vagina.

Spermicide contains chemicals that stop sperm from moving, therefore keeping sperm from joining the egg.

If always used as directed, 15 out of 100 will become pregnant.

How To Use

Find a comfortable position and gently insert the spermicide into vagina. Wait 10 minutes before intercource. Make sure the spermicide is deep in the vagina. Insert more spermicide each time you have vaginal intercourse.

Side Effects

No protection for STI or HIV infection.

Can be messy.

Irritation to vagina or penis. If this is the case, consider changing the brand.

Note to Self

Easy to use, but not highly effective.

Can make you more susceptible to viruses if spermicide irrates sensitive skin.

Costs about $8 per package.