It’s just natural, right? The Church is cool with it, right? It’s intimate and cool for both of you, right? As long as I know my cycle and I am super regular, I can control my fertility, right?

24% of couples who do not use all Fertility Awareness Methods correctly get pregnant each year.

In other words, in order for Fertility Awareness Methods to be effective in pregnancy prevention, all methods need to be used always and correctly.

Effectiveness is based on the individual and the couple.

How To Use

Also called Fertility Awareness-Based Methods

By knowing a woman’s personal menstrual cycle, she and her partner can abstain from vaginal sexual activity (or use other contraceptives) on the days before her ovulation, which are her most fertile days

If a woman knows on what days she is most fertile, she can plan to avoid vaginal sex and reduce her risk of pregnancy.

There are a couple of different methods including, the Temperature Method (Checking your temperature every morning); Cervical Mucus Method (checking changes in cervical mucus everyday, until you are sure you are ovulating); Calendar method (marking ovulation on the calendar)

Using all 3 methods, may be the most effective choice to keep track of your cycle, and is called the Symptothermal Method

Standard Method Days are the days which after tracking your cycle for several months and making sure it is between 26 and 32 days long, having vaginal intercourse on days 8-19.

Side Effects

No side effects to tracking your cycle.

There is not protection for STI’s.


Note to Self

No hormones.

It’s a lot of work and may not always be reliable, but matching this method with other methods of birth control may be the best for you.