Sounds a little creepy at first, but imagine 3 years of continuous birth control.

Less than 1 out of 100 women a year will become pregnant using the implant.

There are some benefits to long-term birth control. The ability to  get pregnant, if you desire, returns quickly once you stop using the implant. You can using while breastfeeding. If you can not take estrogen, this is a good option. You dont have to remember to take medicine every day.

How to Use

The implant is matchstick sized implant that is inserted into your arm. It last 3 years. It must be performed by a healthcare professional. The birth control implant releases a hormone – progestin- to prevent pregnancy. Progestin keeps eggs from leaving the ovaries – so no egg joins the sperm. It also makes the cervical mucus thicker, keeping sperm from getting to the eggs.

Side Effects

Like with any form of long-term birth control there are side effects. The most common is irregular bleeds, especially during the first -12 months. For most women, periods become fewer and lighter. After one year, 1 out of 3 women who use the birth control implant will stop having periods completely. Some women have longer, heavier periods. Some women have increased spotting and light bleeding between periods.

Less Common side effects: change in sex drive, discoloring or scarring of the skin over the implant, headache, rarely, an infection or pain in the arm, nausea, pain at the insertion site, sore breasts and weight gain.

Note to Self

The Implant can be removed at any time.

The cost of the exam, the implant, and insertion ranges from $400–$800. Removal costs between $100 and $300.