Sometimes the best sex happens before actual sex. There are countless ways to play without exposing yourself to pregnancy. You can touch, kiss, talk, laugh, smile, rub, play with toys, use your imagination.

Avoiding vaginal sex requires that you have open communicate with your partner before any play starts.

Now for some Outerplay is no sex what-so-ever. No vaginal, oral or anal. For others Outerplay is no vaginal sex, but allows for oral and anal.

Whatever you consider as OUTER PLAY, it needs to not be any vaginal sex if you want to prevent pregnancy.

How To Use

OuterPlay is 99% effective when always practiced. There is some chance if you engage in anal sex, semen may travel into the vaginal canal.

Your imagination is your guide along with clear communication.


Side Effects

There are no side effects, especially if your clothes stay on. It doesn’t protect against STI’s, and even touching and kissing can put you at risk for some STI’s in particular (check out the STI section) to learn how to protect against them.


Note to Self

Did we say open conversation is essential, well we want to make sure that we stress that as much as possible. In addition outer play take exceptional will power. Besure you and you partner both know before hand where you all want to stop so you can help each actually stop. Costs $0 nothing.